Our Creative Services make documenting your story simple, fun, and effective.

We’ll create high-quality media across all mediums to support the growth of your brand. Whether you need vlogs, podcasts, blogs, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.

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What We Do.

We specialize in supporting brands, celebrities, and iconic figures by documenting their journeys. In this high-touch service, we shoot and produce world-class video assets that build awareness and value around your story in a way that creates greater business opportunities.

What To Expect.

You'll decide on the frequency you'd like us around. Then you'll work with a dedicated account manager to schedule dates you'd like for our creative team to show up. We'll spend the day with you and record as much raw content as possible. Then, we'll transfer everything to a dedicated hard-drive and produce assets that you'll revise and critique until they're ready to be shared online.

Bazanji – Touring New York

A behind-the-scenes look at hip-hop artist, Bazanji, as he attends meetings around New York City and films the music video for his hit single, 'Fed Up'. Shot and produced in 2017.

Blue Ridge Hemp – First Plants

We compiled shots from three videographers and self-recorded footage from Will Oseroff, founder of Blue Ridge Hemp, to tell the story of planting the companies first hemp plants.

Rakeem – A Day in the Life

We spent a day with local real estate superstar, Rakeem Chambers, to showcase his story, share his values and capture the essence of his career.

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What We Do.

If you have a voice and a story to share, but you don't want to go through the pain of learning how to record, edit, produce and distribute your audio content...then you're in the right place. Sygnature will provide you with audio equipment, help you plan your episodes, produce and master them, and share your audio show with the world.

What To Expect.

First, we'll educate you on Podcasting 101 and show you how to use your simple, high-quality equipment setup. Then you'll record your raw audio files and upload them to a dedicated folder. Next, our team will produce and master your audio into a show that keeps your audience listening. Finally, our design team will create artwork for your show and distribute it to all major publishing platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more).

Audio Editing

We coach you in getting the best equipment setup for your desired show and take your raw source recordings through a mastering process.

Episode Art

We work with you and our graphic designers to create great cover art as well as images to help promote the show.

Platform Submission

We’ll submit your show to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and more. This means that every time you publish an episode, it will automatically appear everywhere.

Distribution System

After the initial setup, we work with you so that you’re comfortable publishing on your own. It’ll be as simple as uploading and hitting publish. Of course, we are available to support you as needed.

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What We Do.

We'll create a compelling production that captures your target audiences attention and inspires immediate action. Need an event covered? We can do that too! We've produced recap videos, commercials, trailers, music videos, and everything in between. We're always happy to make recommendations on what might be best for you based on your idea and budget.

What To Expect.

We'll schedule a discovery call to learn more about your idea, desired style, budget and more. From there, we'll begin the pre-production process and schedule a date to shoot. Once we shoot your production, we'll take the footage back and begin the post-production process, going through revisions until we've arrived at your desired product.


We worked with a national supplement chain to create productions around their product lines. We also activated industry-specific influencers, such as professional BMX rider, Josh Perry.

Remote Editing

When fitness celebrity Rob Lipsett is busy traveling the world, he uploads his footage to us. On his recent trip to Barcelona, we turned his vlog around within 48 hours.

Music Video

We traveled with hip-hop artist, Bazanji, to shoot an official video for his hit song, Runnin', which was later licensed to various games and networks such as ESPN.

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