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Assessments Administered


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Network Growth

Use our Done-With-You service to grow your LinkedIn, build quality relationships, and create sales opportunities.

Winslow Assesment

Brands are an extension of the people inside of them. For this reason, we utilize personality testing to help you build and maintain a successful organization.

Creative Services

We specialize in creating social-first content designed to create deeper audience engagements.


We work with clients to deliver workflows and operating procedures that help their brands evolve into the digital world.

Quality Over Quantity. Why Not Both?

When you need quality sales opportunities, but don’t want to spend time on a learning curve, our Network Growth option is for you.

We take the work off your shoulders to identify and build relationships with targeted, high-quality prospects by implementing an outreach and relationship marketing system.

LinkedIn Audit

We'll review and optimize your profile to prepare it for mass viewership.

Define Audiences

We'll dive into the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to determine your ideal relationships and business prospects.

Write Compelling Copy

We create engaging copy that inspires your target audience to take action.


Your account manager will reach out on your behalf, establishing communication and building authentic relationships with your target audience.

Schedule Management

We'll create and manage a calendar, making it simple for your ideal prospects to book time with you.


You'll receive ongoing support from your dedicated account manager.

Improve company culture, maximize productivity, and reduce turnover with the Winslow Reports

Winslow Research Institute has provided its Behavior Assessment Systems to organizations, professional sports teams, and individuals for over 40 years.

By measuring 24 characteristics related to success, the Winslow Reports provide immediate and accurate insight into the characteristics that influence the success of your organization.

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Winslow Reports eliminate guesswork from the hiring process.

The scores received on the Winslow Traits will provide answers to the following primary questions employers want answered:

Is this person a success orientated individual?

  • Ambition: this trait score tells you if this person is a competitive, goal-oriented person who has a strong desire to succeed.
  • Self-confidence: tells you if the applicant has supreme confidence in him or herself and truly believes they have what it takes to be successful.
  • Conscientiousness: tells you if this person places the welfare of management and the organization before their own personal self-interest.

Will this person be a dedicated and cooperative employee?

  • Coachability: will tell you if this person respects authority figures (their managers) and willingly accepts their leadership and direction.
  • Recognition: indicates if this person has an internal motivation to be seen as a desirable person and will act appropriately to receive recognition.
  • Trust: trusting individuals are not suspicious and defensive. They openly communicate and believe others are deserving of their trusting nature.
  • Flexibility: tells you if this applicant will readily adapt to the company’s methods of operation and decisions or be resistant and insist on their own.
  • Contentment: lets you know if this is a happy person with a positive disposition, rather than someone who is disenchanted with their life.
  • Responsibility: will this individual accept responsibility for the consequences of his or her words and actions or blame others instead.

How does this person work with others?

  • Leadership: tells you if this individual believes they are a leader and if they enjoy managing, motivating and being responsible for others.
  • Sociability: discloses whether the applicant is a people-oriented extrovert or an introvert who focuses on “things” and avoids contact with others.
  • Exhibition: reveals if this person enjoys being the center of attention, someone who is entertaining, demonstrative and a pleasure to be with.
  • Nurturance: nurturing individuals are keenly aware of and sensitive to the emotional needs of others and readily respond with sympathy and support.

Does this person meet the intellectual requirements for an employee?

  • Alertness: measures the applicant’s inherent ability to learn quickly, understand complex situations and successfully solve problems.
  • Structure: indicates how organized their thinking, planning, and actions will be. They will be highly mentally structured and disciplined.
  • Order: tells you if they will keep their physical surroundings, neat and orderly. They will have a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Control: will determine if they are impulsive and talk or act without thinking, or someone who will control their impulsive behavior.

Does this person have the required emotional maturity and discipline?

  • Composure: predicts their ability to remain calm and to function normally when problems occur and emotional stress is encountered.
  • Tough-mindedness: enables a person to cope with challenges, function in uncomfortable environments and recover quickly from disappointments.
  • Autonomy: will disclose if this is a team oriented or team dependent individual, will they contribute and be cooperative or avoid contact with others.

Does this person have an inherent sales personality?

  • Sociability: will determine if they enjoy interacting with others and will be perceived as a warm and friendly person others enjoy being with.
  • Endurance: tells you if they have the inherent physical energy and persistence required to prospect, make presentations and close sales.
  • Assertiveness: enables individuals to persuade others to do what they want and to accept their recommendations; they make things happen.
  • Tough-mindedness: equips those who must sell to accept the rejection, disappointments and setbacks that are inevitable in sales situations.
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Create deeper audience engagement with our Creative Services

Our creative team consists of videographers, editors, designers, and writers who collectively produce video, audio, graphics, and written word in order to produce content for virtually every distribution channel.

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We’ll help you identify and overcome challenges that are key to your brand’s success.

Our consulting services are designed for organizations who want to avoid the high costs associated with hiring a full-time creative and marketing staff, yet want to position themselves for current optimization and future success in the digital world.

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  • Winslow Assesment Analysis
  • Initial Diagnosis Call
  • Goal Setting Session
  • Mission Statement Development

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  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Plan
  • Digital Content Plan

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03. Development

  • Sales Training
  • Network Growth Strategy
  • Ongoing Performance Calls

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